ICDM 2014 | Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions

Camera-ready Papers for the Main Conference the submissions for camera-ready papers have expired

Submission Guidelines

Please take the review reports into account when preparing your final version. Remember that reproducibility is a central scientific principle: make sure that the code and data are available (where needed add them to a suitable repository eg, GitHub or Google Sites, or your homepage) and provide pointers to the appropriate urls as a footnote in the final version of your paper. This ensures that the community can benefit from your work, and also attracts citations to your work.

The final papers must be prepared and submitted according to these instructions by IEEE (templates and instructions available HERE). Please read the instructions carefully and follow them equally carefully to ensure that your paper is included in the proceedings. The link above also includes instructions for submitting copyright forms and contact information of the production editor at IEEE (for questions regarding the production of the proceedings).

The maximum number of pages is 6 (short papers) or 10 (regular papers). Please check your acceptance notification email to see the category of your paper.

Author Registration

ICDM is a forum for presenting and discussing current research in data mining. Therefore, at least one author of an accepted paper must complete the regular conference registration and present the paper in the conference, in order for the paper to be included in the proceedings and program.

Author registration deadline is Oct 24, 2014. Follow instructions on Attendance page for more information.

Manuscripts for the Main Conference Papers this call for papers has expired

Submission Website

Manuscripts for main conference papers must be submitted electronically to the CyberChair Conference Management System.

Submission Guidelines

Paper submissions should be limited to a maximum of ten (10) pages, in the IEEE 2-column format (templates available HERE), including the bibliography and any possible appendices. Submissions longer than 10 pages will be rejected without a review. All submissions will be triple-blind reviewed by the Program Committee on the basis of technical quality, relevance to data mining, originality, significance, and clarity. Author names and affiliations must not appear in the submissions, and bibliographic references must be adjusted to preserve author anonymity. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings by the IEEE Computer Society Press.

All manuscripts are submitted as full papers and are reviewed based on their scientific merit. There is no separate abstract submission step. There are no separate industrial, application, short paper or poster tracks. (See the ICDM Workshops for other options.)


Every effort should be made to enable the code and the datasets (or their closest publicly available equivalents) and all relevant parameter specifications available to reviewers and readers so that the results can be independently replicated. While we cannot expect *every* dataset used to be made public, it is in the best interest of the authors to make as many as possible available (in the worst case, a sampled or an anonymized version). To retain anonymity of submissions, any such additional material should be anonymized as well, and be published on an anonymous website (such as DropBox). The repeatability factor will play an important role in the reviewer's assessment of the submission.

Manuscripts for the Workshop Papers this call for Workshop papers has expired

Submission Website

Manuscripts for workshops must be submitted electronically to the CyberChair Conference Management System.

Submission Guidelines

For workshop submission guideline detail, please visit the corresponding workshop websites (click to view workshop list).

Manuscripts for the Demos this call for demos has expired

Submission Website

Submit your document by the deadline to CyberChair Conference Management System.

Submission Guidelines

The demonstration submissions must be within four (4) pages in IEEE proceedings style (double-column pages) and must include:

  • Title
  • Authors (name, affiliation, email, address, phone and fax)
  • Corresponding author with her/his email address
  • Abstract (max. 150 words)
  • Keywords
  • Category of the submission
  • URL for the demo software (if available)
  • Equipment you will bring (e.g. laptop, projector)
  • Equipment you will need (e.g. table, poster board, power sockets)
  • Special requirements (e.g. extra space and if so how much, video projector)
  • Discussion of the present state of your demo (e.g. ready to demonstrate now, but if not, include a realistic estimate for conclusion and what remains to be done before you have a demonstrable system)

Manuscripts for the PhD Forum Papers this call for PhD forum papers has expired

Submission Website

All submissions must be submitted electronically to the CyberChair Conference Management System.

Submission Guidelines

The PhD forum is open for two types of submissions:

  • Regular papers should present established research with enough scientific contribution to the field. They must be at most 8 pages in length.
  • Extended abstract are meant for ongoing research that is expected to provide further advances in the future. They must be 2 pages in length.

All submissions must follow the IEEE Computing Society format used for ICDM.